Beats Docs

Welcome to the official Beats documentation.

Inviting the bot

You can begin by inviting the bot to your server via this link:

Getting started

Once the bot is in your server we suggest you run the b!help command to see a list of commands and a link to our support server! The command that will probabaly gasp your interest will be the b!play command. This command will enable you to play your favourite tunes in a voice channel in your server! Awesome, right?

b!play Rockstar


Should you come across any errors with the bot we suggest you take a look at the error and decide where to go from there. We have a support server for issues that you may need help with, however the server is not there for others to run commands for others.

Other Bots

Beats is part of the SelectBots family. At SelectBots we have a range of multi-feature bots for our users to take advantage of. We encourage all users to try out all of our bots especially if you liked Beats!

Our Promise

Beats, along with our other bots has very little downtime. This means you should never be without the bot unless we have to perform a major update, resulting in the bot going offline for a prolonged period of time.

Thank you for using Beats in your server