Kick & Ban

With Slio you can kick and ban the rule-breakers from your server easily. You can do this with the following commands:

?kick <member> [reason]
?kick @Dylan16 Spamming #general


?ban <member> [reason]
?ban @Dylan16 Raiding

Run ?modlog to setup your moderation logging channel!


Slio currently doesn't support tempoary mutes but will in the future. To mute a user instead of kicking or banning them you will first need to set up a mute role with the following command:

?mutedrole [role]
?mutedrole @Muted

and then:

?mute <member> [reason]
?mute @Dylan16 Being stupid 

You can unmute them easily when their punishment:

?unmute <member> [reason]
?unmute @Dylan16 Punishment served

These are some of the Moderation commands you will find useful. There are more commands which can be viewed by running: ?help Moderation

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